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Let Ohain help your company  move from capability to actuality, through the development of a sound business plan.

Business planning is essential to determining and guiding your organization’s path to profitability and identifying possible barriers to organizational success.

With the development of contingency management and strategic plans, your company can remain on target toward meeting and exceeding your organizational goals.

Dedicated Team
The Ohain Team draws on vast experience in business analysis and development, budgeting, forecasting and market strategy. Our team remains focused on you, the client, to provide professional results with excellent customer service. The team consists of regular in-house staff and outside consultants.

Our main thrust is to help our clients develop strong business plans.

Ohain can help you to establish:

  • Business plan development, review/edit
  • Business Startup Planning
  • Merger/Acquisition Planning
  • Operational planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Capacity Planning
  • Business Ownership Transition Planning

Ohain was founded by J David Derosier, who has extensive experience with product marketing and product management, expense management, forecasting and planning. 

The company is headquartered in Orange Texas to serve all businesses in the Golden Triangle.

Business Planning Steps


Everything starts with an idea.  What happens to the idea is up to you.  Proper business plans will let you define how to turn the idea into success.


The business plan begins with where you are today and creates a Vision of where you will be tomorrow.  All aspects of making the idea a success need to be envisioned.


In our vision, tomorrow may be 3 months, 3 years, or even 10 years away.  It’s the goal we want to achieve for our business.

Business Plans

The Business Plan is the roadmap to success.  It not only helps us understand out own business better, it can help your banker understand it too.


Success is not an accident.  Hard work and a good business plan will usually produce the most successful business results.

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